For all oil painters who like to paint pochades (landscape studies “alla prima“) outdoors, an important question occurs when the picture is finished: How do I get it home safely?

There are quite some accessories for canvasses, but I found none of those I tried myself overly convincing.

The most professional thing for panels are so-called “wet panel carriers”, but they tend to be heavy, not cheap and (a problem if you live in “metric” countries), they come in inch sizes only.

Luckily, you can build your own very easily – absolutely no carpenter skills required…


What you need: Two identically sized wooden glass frames (as cheap as you may find), wood glue, a couple of clamps (optional; a heavy book can play the part as well) and a couple of household rubber bands. You will also need 2 panels matching the frame size all the time, even if you intend to use only one.

Now take out the glass and the back board, glue both frames front on front. Secure with a couple of clamps or a heavy book and let dry for several hours or better over night.

Now you can insert your fresh painting face down on one side and secure it from the other with the second panel. They will not touch each other because of the fold.



Now hold both of the panels slightly in place and secure the whole “package” with a couple of rubber bands. If you use the kind of frame that is equipped with flexible framer’s points, you can of course turn down those instead of using the rubber band.



So, now you can figure out if you want to take a bag with you or if you’d rather make a handle with bungee ropes as well…. Have fun painting!


  • Little update: The rubber bands do not last forever – they loose their grip after a while. Make sure to have a couple more handy or look if you could maybe replace them with drawing board clamps.