Title: Soulmates
Size: ?cm x ?cm
Material: Oil/Canvas
Date: 2016
Price: $1540
Available on Saatchi Art

This is one of the three self-portraits I painted during Rosa Loy's masterclass at Bad Reichenhall Academy.
The painting was exhibited there in the city Gallery last summer.
As opposed to the other two of this series, I had a lot of fun with this orchestration of "the painter in action". The little dabs of color on the palette were inspired by the way palettes were shown in middle age paintings. On the wall behind, I added a copy of Paul Gauguin's self-portrait, because I like him and the colors matched. The little dab of red in the hidden frame is the upper part of the hat in a self-portrait by Cranach the Elder. The dashing young man with the black beret is inspired by Clouet's "L'Homme au Pétrarque", because I fell in love with the preparation drawing of his painting and because the early 16th century is my favorite time in history.