Title: The Dreamer
Size: 57 cm x 32 cm
Material: Oil/Canvas 
Date: 2017
Price: € 640
Available on Artfinder
Portrait of a dreamy young woman reclining on a cushion in front of a window sill, painted on a narrow, long canvas.

This is yet again another lovely muse I have found on the Sktchy app. I just loved her soft, dreamy expression and translated the mood of the black & white inspiration into soft, muted colors. To further accentuate the impression of the heroine somewhat floating in space, I choose a narrow canvas and extended the image towards the top.

The painting is sold unframed, but should the collector wish me to do so, I'd be glad to help with the framing.

If you would like to see a speed painting video of this piece, please visit my Facebook page