Work With Me


If you like what you see and would like to work with me, I would be happy to offer the following options:




If you have a particularly treasured possession, a lovely garden or real estate, I could envision painting still lives or landscapes on commission as well and would consider travelling to your destination. For more information about my technique, please read “How I work”.





More recently, I have been working on illustrations as well as paintings, focussing especially on drawing people, florals/botanicals and animals. I would be very happy to consider collaborations for editorials, home decor, paper goods and fabric design.


If you are staying in Munich and would like to sit for me, please contact me for details. I am often on the lookout for interesting faces and new, friendly muses.


I might consider teaching private lessons on a rather short-term basis. An arrangement such as you sitting for portraits in exchange of me teaching is conceivable.